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We use the Verb Be in two different ways.

1. (A) As an Intransitive Verb.

Meaning to exist, remain, occupy a place, experience a state, or be bound for a place.

God is.
How are you?
Let it be.
The spade is in the garden.
Be off!
This train is for Delhi.

(B) As a Verb of Incomplete Predication.

He is ill.
They were late in arriving.
I am a painter.
You are not as old as I thought.

2. As an Auxiliary Verb.

(A) With the present participle to form active continuous tenses.

I am learning Pali.
They were having their dinner.
We are trying to let our house.

(B) With the present participle to form passive continuous tenses.

The supper was being cooked.
We were being shown over the school.

(C) With the past participle of transitive verbs to form passives.

Everything was done that we required.
They were clad in khaki.

(D) With the past participles of certain intransitive verbs, to form perfects.

You are grown up now.
The sun is set.

(E) With the infinitive to express duty, intention or supposition.

That house is to let.
We are to dine with him tomorrow.
He is to be operated on soon.
Where are they to meet us?
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