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May Have.

May Have + Past Participle (V3).

"1. Used to say that something is possible:

He may have (= perhaps he has) missed his train.

2. Used when suggesting that it is possible that something happened or was true, or when giving a possible explanation for something.

He may have been to some of those places.
The chaos may have contributed to the deaths of up to 20 people.

3. Possibility: There is a possibility that it will be true but this is not certain.

Well, I may have been wrong.
They may have called while you were out.
She may have got lost.

"[# "May" indicates that you are more likely to do something. I may go to the store means I probably will go to the store. "Might" suggests that you are less likely to do something. I might go to the store means it's unlikely that I'll go to the store.

# Most of the time, the interchange of May and Might does not present a problem.”]" © 2016 - 2020. Powered by Blogger.
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