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Analysis of the Compound Sentence.

A Compound Sentence consists of two or more sentences, simple or complex, joined by a conjunction.

1. I He settled back in the easy chair before the fire and began to think.

2. I He had a very large farm and grew on it many kinds of fruit and vegetables.

In analysing these sentences follow the rules given for analysis of the Simple Sentence.

1. (a) He
(b) He

2. (a) He
(b) He

No Adjuncts to the Subject

1. (a) settled
(b) began

2. (a) had
(b) grew

1. (a) –––
(b) to think

2. (a) farm
(b) fruit and vegetables

Adjuncts to Object
1. (a) –––
(b) –––

2. (a) a very large
(b) many kinds of

No Complement

1. (a) back in the easy chair before the fire
(b) –––

2. (a) –––
(b) on it

Connective (Conjunction)
1. (a) –––
(b) and

2. (a) –––
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