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A Gentleman of France.

Here is another Outline.

A French General was flying over the Sahara with pilot and mechanic. Forced to land in the hot desert, far from help, with only a week's food and water. General refuses to eat or drink, so that his companions may live. He dies and they are rescued.

A Gentleman of France.

A General in the French Air Service was flying with a pilot and a mechanic across the vast desert of North Africa called the Sahara. They had the misfortune to have to land owing to the breaking- of some part. They were hundreds of miles from help or water.

The General said to his companions: ‘Now listen. I am your commander, and it is your duty to obey me. We may not be rescued for two or even three weeks, but our food and water will not last more than one week. Therefore I shall neither eat nor drink. You must keep up your strength and courage, boys.’

Day after day, In the pitiless heat of the African sun, they had to stay there, and the General kept his resolve. Neither hunger nor thirst could conquer his resolute heart, and at last he died.

Five days afterwards the two men were rescued, almost dead, for they had been lying- without food or water for fifty hours in the shade of a wing of the aeroplane.

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