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There are certain adjectives, in which there positive form have a superlative or final meaning, and so should not be given comparative and superlative forms, although this is often done in conversation.

Thus if a thing is perfect it cannot be more so; if a cup is full, it cannot hold more; if a person is dead he cannot be deader!

Besides the above examples there are others, such as supreme, right, wrong, chief, earthly, circular, internal, external, extreme, living, payable, permanent, and many negative adjectives, such as, impossible, insoluble, untold, unconscious, unless …

Adjectives denoting time are not to be compared : hourly, daily, nightly, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, yearly, annual.

Adjectives denoting locality rarely compared : Sri Lankan, American, German, Irish, and Punjabi …

Adjectives denoting material are not usually compared: earthen, leaden, golden, wooden ...

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