King Crocodile - 430

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King Crocodile.

A day or two later I noticed a curious increase on a rock in the river. I looked again, and saw that a
great crocodile lay basking1 upon its summit! I had seen crocodiles before, but this old fellow was a king of crocodiles, He lay flat and clingingly, his short arms and webbed feet clasping the rock beneath him. He was not red like the smaller crocodiles, but green; and I supposed that this was due to a growth of aquatic weeds upon his iron hide. I took my camera from its case and began to open it; but some instinct of being watched took hold upon him, and suddenly he stood up. I felt my hair tickle on the back of my head. I never knew that crocodiles could stand. I had always thought they merely floundered on their bellies. But, believe me, this crocodile stood up. I put down my camera hastily, and sent a bullet thudding into his massive flank, and with that he plunged into the water. We never saw him again. © 2016 - 2020. Powered by Blogger.
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