Conjugation of the Verb - Passive Voice - Gerunds - 118

"Education is from Womb to Tomb!"
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Conjugation of the Verb - Passive Voice - Gerunds.

To Teach. (To Teach = Infinitive.)

Simple Gerund (Refers to the present or future) = Being taught [= You receive (the) teaching (action)].
Perfect Gerund (Refers to the past) = Having been taught [= You (have) received (the) teaching (action)].
{Here, the action always done by another person / subject / author / doer to you.}

I love being taught.
Having been taught, one can be educated.
One can be uplifted, having been taught.


Conjugate the following (Infinitives) verbs in Gerunds (as above, in Passive Voice): To play, to write, to sing, to read, and to pass. © 2016 - 2020. Powered by Blogger.
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