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Distinguish the Enlargement.

Point out the Enlargements (or Adjuncts) of the simple subject in the following sentences:—

1. Mr. Franklin Roosevelt was chosen President.

2. A small selection of dog stories from the War would fill a volume.

3. The form of an aeroplane / airplane closely resembles that of a dragonfly.

4. The river Godavari, running from near Nasik to the Bay of Bengal, passes many ancient settlements.

5. Such things were gathered from the letters of merchants.

6. Weather-prediction through animals has become a fine art in India.

7. The Mediterranean, now soft and deeply blue kissed the shore gently.

8. It is in your power to withdraw into yourself whenever you have a mind to do so.

9. England resembles a ship in shape, anchored at the side of Europe.

10. A dense mist was closing in behind us.

11. From many points of the mountain tall columns of fire were blazing.

12. The face of London is now strangely altered.

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