Verbs Use as Nouns - 11

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Verbs Use as Nouns.

Often the same word is used either as a Verb or a Noun.

1. You should never break a promise. (Verb)
I hope there will never be a break in our friendship. (Noun)

2. You will burn yourself, if you play with fireworks.
That wounded soldier has burns all over his body.

3. I called out for help.
Please give me a call early tomorrow morning.

4. I drink only milk.
Can you give me a drink, please?

5. See if you can fix up this lamp.
Now I am in a fix.

6. What are you crying about?
I heard a cry for help.

7. They are digging for gold in that valley.
He gave me a dig in the ribs.

8. Why don't you let me draw that tooth?
The match ended in a draw.

9. Let me hold your hat.
Take a hold of the handle-bar.

10. Can you jump over me?
He won a prize for the long jump.

11. I shall have to leave, you know.
Have you obtained leave of absence?

12. Look at that spotted rabbit.
Please let me have a look at it.

13. He rarely makes mistakes.
What make is your bat?
[“the name of a particular product or of the company that makes it”]

14. English people nod to each other in greeting.
He gave a slight nod when he saw me.

15. Pull for all you are worth (= pull as hard as you can).
Give a good pull at the drawer-knob.

16. Can you smell that rose?
There is a smell of burning leather.

17. Don’t talk in class.
We must have a talk about that.


Find such more words.

Fill the following blanks with verbs used as nouns.

1. Don’t go for a — in such wild weather.

2. Give a loud — at the door.

3. May I offer you a —?

4. The dentist gave a gentle —, and the tooth came out.

5. I had a — to go and see the circus.

6. You won’t have a very long — till the train starts.

7. A quick — will do you good.

8. She had a — down the steps and sprained her ankle. © 2016 - 2020. Powered by Blogger.
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