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Let's Write Narrative Essays.

Write short Narrative Essays of not less than twenty lines each on the following subjects:

1. A visit from a friend.

2. A motor accident.

3. A happy holiday.

4. A house on fire.

5. A cricket or hockey match.

6. A journey by train or steamer.

7. A visit to a hill-station or to the sea-side.

8. A storm.

9. A party or picnic.

10. Some battle of which I have read.

11. An amusing story.

12. How I spent the last vacation.

13. Some event in history.

14. A brave deed.

15. A walk in the country.

16. A kind action.

17. A harvest scene.

18. A market day.

19. A journey in a bullock cart.

20. My first ride on a bicycle or in a motor car.

21. A trip in an aeroplane / airplane.

22. My first week at school.

23. The most interesting film I have seen.

24. How 1 rescued a child from a burning house.

25. A moonlight excursion by boat.

26. The discovery of America.

27. A school excursion.

28. Imagine that you are a fire brigade man, and give an account of a fire you helped to put out.

29. A story of a poor family.

30. Saved from a Hood.

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