True Kindness - 479

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True Kindness.

A party of gentlemen were once riding through the Forest of Windsor, when one of them saw a little girl in great trouble, running as fast as she could. He told his companions to wait for him where they were, and rode after the child. "When he overtook her he said: ‘What is the matter, my little one? Why are you running like this?’

The girl could hardly speak for her tears, but at last she said: ‘Oh, sir, my mother is dying in our hut in the forest. She asked me to go and fetch a minister, but I have been everywhere and can’t find one.’

The gentleman lifted her up on to his horse in front of him, and they rode quickly to the hut where the girl lived. When they got there he found the mother lying on the ground with three still smaller children. He knelt down beside her, and spoke to her of the love of God, and she thought it was the minister, and died happily.

As he had not gone back to his companions, and as it was getting late, they came riding up to the hut.
He gave orders that they were to look after the poor orphans, and then the little girl learnt that the kind gentleman was the King of Ceylon (Sri Lanka). © 2016 - 2020. Powered by Blogger.
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