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Master Letter Writing.

Write the following letters. The letters may be short or long. If they are short they must be to the point. If they are long they must be carefully written.

1. To your uncle asking him if he will take you with him to a football match.

2. To your teacher, thanking him for his kind teaching, which has helped you to pass your examination.

3. To a friend in England, telling him about your school.

4. To your sister asking about your mother, who is ill.

5. Your sister’s reply.

6. To your cousin, about some snakes you have seen.

7. From your cousin about the wild animals near his home.

8. To a friend, about a railway journey you have made.

9. To a classmate, inviting him to go for a picnic with you and your brother and sister.

10. His reply, saying why he is unable to go.

11. To a friend, about the monsoon.

12. To your teacher, asking him to explain something you have read in a newspaper.

13. To your sister, about the scout-work you are doing.

14. To a cousin, about your school sports.

15. To your headmaster, asking for leave, as you have to go and be vaccinated.

16. To your father, thanking him for twenty rupees

he has sent you, and telling him how you intend to spend them.

17. To a friend who is going abroad, asking for his photograph, and for picture postcards of various places.

18. To a neighbour, complaining of noise made by his dog, and asking him to do something to prevent it.

19. To your mother, telling her of pains in your head, and asking her to send you something that may help to drive them away.

20. To a stranger whose name is in a book you have found in a railway carriage, asking what you should do with the book.

21. To your father who is in Bombay, giving him a list of things you would like him to buy for you.

22. To your sister, who has asked you to buy some books for her.

23. To a milk dealer, complaining of the quality of his milk.

24. To a friend in the hills, about the temperature.

25. your mother who has written to ask what profession you would like to follow.

26. To a friend who has not written to you for some months, although you have written to him several times.

27. To your aunt in Calcutta, asking her if you may go and spend a week with her.

28. To your sister who is studying medicine in Delhi, telling her about a radio set your father has bought.

29. To a fruit-merchant, complaining that half of the mangoes sent by him were uneatable on arrival.

30. To a doctor, asking when he may see you, as you have a bad pain in your knee, which keeps you awake at night.

31. To your cousin, who has just got a baby sister.

32. To a postmaster, asking why a letter has reached you without a stamp, and enclosing the envelope.

33. To your uncle, telling him about a bicycle accident in which your brother was hurt.

34. To a friend, telling him about one of the happiest days of your life.

35. Write a letter of farewell to a classmate who is being sent abroad by his father to study electrical engineering.

36. To a friend with whom you have had a quarrel, admitting that you were wrong, and asking his forgiveness.

37. The friend’s reply, taking the blame upon himself.

38. To an old school-fellow, inviting him to come and spend the vacation with you.

39. To a friend in praise of city life.

40. His reply, in praise of country life.

41. To your father who is away on business, telling him how things are going on at home.

42. Write, as the secretary of your hockey club, to the secretary of another club, to arrange matches.

43. The reply of the other secretary.

44. To a friend whose brother has just died.

45. To your mother, about some beautiful music you have heard. © 2016 - 2020. Powered by Blogger.
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