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In a Railway Station.

Excuse me, but can you tell me when the next train to Bangalore leaves?

Which way do you wish to go?

I want to get there as quickly as I can.

Then you had better take the Madras mail as far as Guntakal and change there.

Thank you! What time does it leave?

At eight fifteen, and it reaches Guntakal about eight in the morning.

And do I go straight to Bangalore from there?

Yes, and you reach Bangalore about six in the evening.

Don’t they run any through trains from here?

No; they can’t do that, because there is a change of gauge (pron. gage).

Pardon me, but what is that?

Gauge is the measure of the width of the railway lines. From Bombay to Guntakal is broad gauge, and from Guntakal to Bangalore is metre gauge.

What is the difference in width?

Broad gauge measures five feet six inches, and metre gauge about three feet three inches.

Then are the metre gauge carriages much smaller than those on the broad gauge?

They are smaller; but of course they are much wider than the rails, and so passengers have plenty of room.

How do they arrange that?

The carriages stick out on each side a good way beyond the rails.

That is interesting. I shall measure the width of the two kinds of carriages on this journey.

I hope you will have a comfortable journey.

Thank you! Good evening!

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