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Future Tense.

The Future Tense denotes that something will take place or will be taking place (in the future). It is formed by using the auxiliary verbs shall (be) or will (be). [Shall is used with the First Person (nominative) only.]

A few examples.

I shall write you when I get home.

You will find that book in the library.

We shall be doing it then.

She will be remembering you.

# Often we use the Present Tense to express the future.

A few examples.

I leave early tomorrow morning.

He arrives on Saturday.

It happens.

[# Also, we use the expression going (to) with the forms of the verb (to) be, to express future action.

Syntax = Subject + Be + Going + Infinitive (+ Objective Complement).

I am going to give up smoking.

She is going to have some teeth out.

We are going to Master English.]

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