Live or Suicide - 410

"Education is from Womb to Tomb!"
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Live or Suicide.

Dutch Courage versus Courage.

I have been, and am still, a student; your struggles and difficulties have also been mine. In your hours of despondency it may perhaps help you to know that not even a glimmer of success ever came to remove the gloom except alter years of persistent struggle, I hold the belief that it is not for man to complain of circumstances, but bravely to accept, to confront and dominate them. I know that what has been done before will be accomplished again, and that the past will not remain merely as a dream. (Sir J. C. Bose.)


My life has been, and still is, that of a student, and so I have had to go through hard experiences like yours. You may be helped when I tell you that even my smallest success was only attained by years of constant struggle. I maintain that we should not find fault with the conditions in which we live; we must boldly face those conditions and make ourselves the masters of our fate. I am sure that what men have done men will do again, and that any greatness of the past can be again realised. © 2016 - 2020. Powered by Blogger.
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