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The Impersonal Pronoun.

The Impersonal Pronoun It is used in the following way.

1. To denote something without life.

# This bolt has got stuck. It won't open.

# The weather is unusually fine, and it is likely to continue.

# That road was made five years ago. It winds in many bends up the mountain.

2. To denote animals; especially lower ones and insects.

# Do you see that fly on the sugar? What is it doing?

# The Jackal is a cowardly creature; it slinks out of your way.

# That crow is making a horrible noise. Just pelt it and it will fly off.

3. It is sometimes used for a child; especially we don’t know whether it is a boy or a girl.

# That child is very peevish; it hardly ever stops crying.

# Have you seen the Herath’s baby? It’s a very pretty child.

# Do you hear a weeping of a kid? Who’s it?

4. It often has the meaning of the person or the thing talked of or thought of.

# Who is it knocking at the door? (It is the baker.)

# Well, what is it you want? (Or Well, what is it?)

# Who’s that talking? It was me. Don’t say It was me, but It was I.

5. In an indefinite way, as an introductory particle.

# It never rains but it pours.

# It’s going to be a fine day, I do believe.

# It’s a good thing you are coming too.

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