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Zero Conditional.

When the result(s) is(are) always true, we use Zero Conditional Sentences (Zero Conditional).

Syntax: (If/when/…/ Clause +) Simple Present Tense + (If/when/…/ Clause +) Simple Present Tense.

A few models.

If you kill beings, you die untimely.
You die untimely, when you kill beings.

If we steal, we become poor.
We become poor, when we steal.

If you misbehave in sex, you get ill both mentally and physically.
You get ill both mentally and physically, when you misbehave in sex.

If you tell lies, people don’t believe you.
People don’t believe you, when you lie.

If you take intoxicating substances, you lose your wisdom.
You lose your wisdom, when you take intoxicating substances.


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