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Which is the First?

In the following lists we do know which part of speech is found first in English.

1. One form of Noun from another.

Feet (from foot).
Men (from man).
Gas (from chaos).
Mice (from mouse).
Geese (from goose).
Shame (from sham).
… …. ...

2. One form of Verb from another.

Bore (from bear).
Came (from come).
Chose (from choose).
Fought (from fight).
Led (from lead).
Saw (from see).
Slew (from slay).
Strung (from string).
Taught (from leach).
… …. ...

3. Noun from Verb.

Bait and bit (from bite).
Drove (from drive).
Loss (from lose).
Share (from shear).
… …. ...

4. Verb from Noun.

Bathe (from bath).
Feed (from food).
Breathe (from breath).
Gild (from gold). Halve (from half).
Clothe (from cloth).
Ink (from ink).
Post (from post).
… …. ...

5. Adjective from Verb.

A cut-away coat.

A knock-down price.

A put-up (= planned in bad sense) affair.

A well brought-up boy.
… …. ...

Straight (from stretch).
… …. ...

6. Verb from Adjective.

Hinder (from hind).
Lunge (from long).
Loathe (from loath or loth).
Warm (from warm).
Wet (from wet).
… …. ...

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