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Interrogative Form - Indirect Speech.

When we come to turn these into Indirect Form we must introduce some verbs such as ask, inquire, demand, want to know.

Note that in the Indirect Form of a question no note of interrogation is used.

1. She asked me who the old lady was we saw over there.

2. Mother wanted to know which tie I was going to put on.

3. Robert asked me what it was I had told him about my dog.

4. She asked me whether I liked plain chocolate.

5. He asked me if I could stand on my head.

6. The child begged to be allowed to stay there for a little while.

7. The boy next to me asked me where I had got my rubber.

8. My friend asked when I was likely to be at home.

9. The lady asked the child why she was crying.

10. He wanted to know whose fault it was that I was late.

11. They asked him from whom he had got permission.

12. My brother asked me to show him how to tie my Scout’s scarf.

13. Mother asked me what I should do if I missed the train.

14. He wanted to know whether I had met him before the previous Thursday.

15. The teacher asked how he dared say such a thing.

16. The waiter asked which I would have, milk or orange juice.

17. The doctor asked if I had ever been struck by lightning.

18. Somebody asked me whether I couldn’t have warned him to be careful about snakes.

19. Father asked whether it wouldn’t, have been kinder to forgive him.

20. Mother wanted to know where on earth I had learnt such a strange word.

21. My teacher asked me if I had posted that letter for him.

22. He asked her if she didn’t remember what he had told her some days before.

23. They inquired whether we couldn’t find a better way of getting over the difficulty.

24. The magistrate asked why they had not telephoned for the doctor at once.

25. He asked me whether I would have tea or coffee.

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