A Test on Sequence of Tenses - 263

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A Test on Sequence of Tenses.

Fill up the blanks with the correct tenses of the verbs in brackets:—

1. She had to cook and clean, because her mother — ill (be). 

2. He put the boy into a taxi and — him to the hospital (take). 

3. I could see you — very tired (be). 

4. I thought I — find you at last (shall / will or should). 

5. Didn’t you know what I —? (mean). 

6. He was so afraid of the dog that he — not move (dare). 

7. I chose a book I — very much (like). 

8. It seemed as if he — to run away (want). 

9. He likes me more than he — you (like). 

10. He believes that wisdom — better than knowledge 

11. We don’t know whether he — to pass or (deserve). 

12. The children will cry if they — left behind (be). 

13. I rode as fast as I — (can or could). 

14. I telegraphed that I — on my way (be). 

15. Tell me what you — this morning (do). 

16. He said that he saw you as you — (go). 

17. If you — hard, you might succeed (work). 

18. If you — come and see me, I should be very pleased (will). 

19. He did as I — him (tell). 

20. She said she — write soon (will). 

21. I asked him whether he — your address (know). 

22. It was a better meal than I — ever — (have). 

23. Which is the book we — read this term? (shall). 

24. If I were shown how, I — soon do it (can). 

25. We said we — go (will). 

26. I wrote more than ever I — done (have). 

27. I shall be told what you — doing (be). 

28. We don’t believe what you — (say). 

29. I know what I — have done (shall / will or should). 

30. We may hear what you — (decide).

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