Master Analyzing - Compound Sentence - 320

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Master Analysing - Compound Sentence.

Analyse the following Compound Sentences:—

1. Each boy scrambled out of his clothes and got into bed as quickly as possible.

2. We’re all here now, and so let’s make a start.

3. At this moment the school-bell rang, and further conversation was postponed.

4. I don’t like your way of speaking, and I shall not put up with it.

5. With a pompous look the butler closed the door and left the boys standing outside in the cold winter.

6. The weather, doubtful at first, had cleared later, and soon after breakfast the fear of rain was over.

7. To bed, all of you, or no one will be up in time for the train.

8. Watson felt a tug at his sleeve, and caught sight of Marsh’s anxious face turned towards him.

9. Many rivers have their rise in the Himalayas, and bring down incalculable quantities of fertilizing matter, and water thousands of square miles of thirsty ground.

10. Frosts and fires are unknown in Bengal, and the continually warm moist atmosphere has a tiring effect on those long exposed to it.

11. On bright days a pair of glare-glasses will be an additional comfort, and save you many a headache.

12. At the present time there are 200,000 miles of road in Sri Lanka, and about a quarter of this is metalled and fit for motor cars.

13. Travellers usually pay a small fee of a rupee a night for the use of the bungalow, and inscribe their names and remarks in a visitors’ book kept for the purpose.

14. Delhi is still one of the best places in North India for seeing the marvellous skill displayed in the carving of ivory, and a visit to the workshops is indeed a treat.

15. Guru Nanak was a philosopher with a deeply religious spirit, and he had the idea of drawing all men together into one fold.

16. As long as it was dry we climbed up the steep hill-sides and on their level tops we ran races in the sharp wind.

17. I turned towards the long, narrow windows, and there, sure enough, I saw a little girl, crying, and beating against the window-panes.

18. All at once the door gave way with a thundering crash, and there came into that mysterious light the figure of a tall, old man, with grey hair and gleaming eyes.

19. We saluted each other in the usual way, and he knelt down before me.

20. His sleeves were rolled over his fat forearms, and the two flaps of his unbuttoned vest dangled in the breeze.

21. The Captain took a pinch of snuff out of a fine gold box, and dusted his fingers with a silk handkerchief in a very genteel fashion.

22. Alas! they had been friends in youth;
But whispering tongues can poison truth;
And constancy lives in realms above;
And life is thorny, and youth is vain,
And to be wroth with one we love
Doth work like madness in the brain.

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