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English Prefixes.

A: (= in, on) About, abroad, afresh, aground, alive,

along, asleep, away. (Above has two prefixes, a

and b = by.)

A: (= away, from, and intensive) Arise, awake.

After: Afternoon, afterwards, afterthought.

Be: (various meaning’s, especially about, by) Before, below, between, besiege, believe, beloved, bemoan, betray, befriend, besmear.

By: Bypath, bystander, bygone.

Down: Downcast, downhill, downpour.

For: Forbid, forget, forgive.

Forth: Forthcoming, forthwith.

In: Income, inland, instead.

Mis: Mislead, mistake, misunderstand.

N: Naught\ neither, never, none, nor.

On: Oncoming, ongoing, onlooker, onset.

Out: Outbreak, outcast, outlet, outright.

Over: Overcome, overflow, overhead, overtake.

To: Today, together, tomorrow, toward.

Un: Unpack, undone, unable, unkind, unwilling, untruth, unloose, unpin, untwist, unwell.

Under: Undergo, underground, understand, undertake, underestimate, undervalue.

Up: upright, upset, upstairs, upholster.

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