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Structure of Letter Writing.

1. Your own address and the date should be written at the top right hand of the first page,— the street and number, the village or town, and the date in this way:

39, Station Road,
September 9th, 1999.

2. If you are writing from a school, the address will be of this kind:

999 C Hostel,
Kekirawa Central Collage,

3. Your letter will begin in one of the following ways:

My dear Mother,
My dear friend,
Dear Kalinga,
Dear Shamali,
Dear Uncle, etc.

# It is just a little more intimate or affectionate to write My before dear.

# This salutation or greeting is written at the left hand side of the page.

4. Then will come the body of the letter. It may be very short, of only one paragraph. It may be long, with a number of paragraphs. You begin writing it under the last word of the salutation. You may write your letter just as you talk, if you can. If you do so, it will make a very interesting letter. You must not think that there is a special kind of English used in writing letters. Once there was, but it was never so very different from spoken English, Urdu, Japanese and many other Eastern languages even now have what is called epistolary style, which is very different from the spoken language. But in English letters we may be as free as we like, unless we are writing to some important personage.

5. At the end of your letter you close like this:

Your affectionate brother,

Yours affectionately,

# If the letter is not to a member of your family or some dear friend you would end it like this:

Yours sincerely,
H. M. Herath.

# If you are writing to a stranger, or to business firm, you begin:

Dear Sir! (or Dear Sirs!)

and end:
Yours faithfully,
H. M. Herath.

6. When you have written a letter you put it into an envelope and address it. The address is written in three or more lines. The first line begins well towards the left side of the envelope, about two-thirds of the way up, and it contains the name of the person to whom you have written. The second line starts below the first, but a little more to the right. It gives the street or road and the number of the house. The third line, under the others, but -still more to the right has the name of the village, town or city to which the letter is going. If the letter is going abroad, that is, out of the country, the name of the country is written still lower down, at the right or the left, as you please. © 2016 - 2020. Powered by Blogger.
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