Latin Prefixes - 236

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Latin Prefixes. 

[The derivatives in square brackets came from Latin words through French.]

A, ab, abs: (various meanings) Avert, [abolish], absent, absurd, abuse, abstain, abstract.

Ad: (= to, and d changes into the following consonant). Adapt, address, adverb, affect, agree, ally, annotate, appeal, arrest, assist, attempt.

Ante, anti, an: (= before). Antecedent, anticipation, ancestor.

Bene: (= well). Benefactor, benefit, benevolent.

Bi, bin, bis: (= two, twice). Bicycle, bisect, bi-weekly, binoculars, biscuit.

Circu, circum: (= round). Circuit, circumference.

Con, com, col, cor: (= with, together). Concert, conduct, congratulate, construct, conversation; command, common, composition; collect, college, correct, corrupt.

Contra: (= against). Contradict, contract, contraband, [counteract].

De: (= from, flown). Decay, defeat, denote, depart.

Dis, di, dif: (= away, apart, not). Discover, dishonour, diminish, differ.

Ex, e, ef: (= out). Exchange, exist, expense; eject, elect, effect, effort.

Extra: (= beyond). Extraordinary, extravagant.

In, il, im, ir: (= in, into). Increase, index, influence, inquire, insect, intend, invention; illumination, illustration; important; irrigation. [Embrace, enforce, entice.]

In, il, im, ir: (= not). Incorrect, independence, infant, innocent; illegal; immortal, impure; irregular.

Inter:(= among). Interest, interview, [entertain.]

Intro: (= to the inside). Introduce.

Male: (= ill.) Malefactor. [Maltreat, malaria (Ital.) = bad air.]

Non: (= not). Nonsense, non-violence.

Ob oc, op, of: (= in the way of). Object, oblige, occupy; offer, office; oppose.

Per, pel: (= through, completely). Perfect, permanent, persuade; pellucid.

Post: (= after). Postpone, postscript.

Pre: (= before). Predicate, preface, prepare, preposition. [Press.]

Pro: (= in front of, for, instead of). Proceed, produce, profit, promise, pronoun.

Re, red: (= again, back). Recover, reduction, reflect, refuse, relation, redeem.

Se: (= apart). Secret, secure, selection, separate.

Semi: (= half). Semicircle, semicolon.

Sub, suc, suf, sag, sum, sup, sur, sus: (= under). Subject, subjunctive; succeed; suffer; suggest; summon; support; [surge;] sustain.

Super, sur: (= over). Superficial, superhuman. [Surface, surprise.]

Trans, tra, tres: (= across). Transfer, translate; traverse. [Trespass.]

Tri, ter, tre: (= three). Triangle, trivial; tercentenary. [Treble, trefoil.]

Uni: (= one). Uniform, university.

Vice, vis: (instead of). [Viceroy], vice-principal. [Viscount.] © 2016 - 2020. Powered by Blogger.
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