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An adjective is a word that describes a noun.

Look at the following sentences.

1. You must not put on damp clothes.
That is a ford car.

2.  My hen has nine chicks.
This is the first time I have been in Colombo.

3.  This snake is more dangerous than that.
Let these girls stand under yonder tree.

4.  Every boy must be in scout uniform.
You may barrow either book you like.

The group of sentences shows the four classes into which adjectives are divided.

The first class consists of Descriptive Adjectives, or adjectives of quality, kind or condition.

The second class consists of Adjectives of quantity including adjective of Number or Numerical Order.

The third class consists of Demonstrative Adjectives or adjectives which point out.

The fourth class consists of adjectives call Distributive or Indefinite.

# It is frequently seen that nouns are used as adjectives.

This is very common with Proper Nouns such as name of persons, peoples and places.

The Arabic language. Greek literature. Chinese hawkers. Japanese policy. French leave. Latin prefixes. The Mogul emperors. The Norman conquest.

The Malay states. Portuguese possessions. Sanskrit grammar. Sinhalese customs. Irish independence. A Ford car. The Panama canal. The Anuradhapura Civilization ...

Here are some examples of Common Nouns used as Adjectives.

A bat handle.
A cloth jacket.
A football match.           
A fountain pen.
A paper bag. ...
A railway porter.
A silver watch.               
A spring morning.          
A tennis court.
A watch chain.
Mouse colour.                
Oatmeal porridge.         
The Science Congress.   
The village blacksmith.  

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