Subordinative Conjunctions - 200

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Subordinative Conjunctions.

The following are some of the Subordinative Conjunctions:—

Although, though, as, because, after, before, for, if, lest, since, than, that, till, unless, while.

Here are some examples:—

He is out of work although he came out first in the Examination.

I must leave you now, as I have much to do.

You caught typhoid because you refused to be inoculated.

I remembered his name after he had gone.

You must brush your teeth before you have your breakfast.

People take off their shoes here, for it is a place of worship.

Since you say so, I believe you.

Do anything rather than forget your father and mother.

He told me that he was hungry.

I can’t pay you till my salary comes in.

You shan’t have your supper unless you behave yourself.

Don’t talk so much while you are eating.

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