Enlargement of The Direct Object - 302

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Enlargement of The Direct Object.

The Direct Object, like the Subject, may be enlarged in various ways. An enlargement of the object may be:—

1. An Article.

I saw a shadow.

2. An Adjective.

You made a funny mistake.

3. A Noun or Pronoun in the Possessive case.

Have you the Secretary's letter?

4. A Noun or Pronoun in apposition.

I met Henry, your cousin from Manchester.

5. A Participle.

I saw you running.

6. An Infinitive.

He likes to do his work.

7. A Phrase.

I listened to him talking on the telephone.

8. Combinations of the above.

To succeed at cricket requires long and regular practice under a good coach.

I caught a man stealing out of the house with some of our clothes.

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