Cunning King - King Cunning - 439

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Cunning King - King Cunning.

A thousand years ago King Olaf of Norway made a raid on the coast of Ireland. A multitude of sheep and cattle were driven down to the battleship. A farmer came to the King and begged him to give him back his cattle. King Olaf said: ‘You may have them if yon can separate them from the rest quickly. But I do not think you can do that, as there are so many hundreds of cattle.’

The farmer had a big yellow dog, which he sent among the herds, and the dog ran up and down among them all and found his master’s cattle one by one, and drove them aside. As these cattle were all marked with the same mark, it was clear that the dog knew perfectly well which were his master’s.

The king was astonished and praised the dog. ‘He is wonderfully clever, farmer. Will you give him to me.’

The farmer said he would gladly do so. Then the king at once gave him in return a large gold bracelet and promised to be friends with the farmer. © 2016 - 2020. Powered by Blogger.
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