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Causative (Causal) Mood.

The Causal / Causative Mood indicates that something ‘gets .... done’ {[get (something) done] = American English} or ‘has .... done’ {[have (something) done] = British English} by the Subject - Here, the Subject receives the action by using / having another Subject. This Mood is often used for (paying) services.

Syntax: Subject + get / have + object + V3 [+ by + another Subject].}

A few models.

I get my hair cut.

We have our hair cut by our uncle.

She has / gets her hair cut by the barber.

# Note that there is a construction in American English without Object before the past participle, which gives the same meaning above.

Syntax: Subject + get + V3 [+ by + another Subject / complement].

A few models. [hit - hit - hit]

He gets hit in the head. (Anywhere of the head)

I get hit on the head. (On the top of the head) 

I got hit right on the head.

The next lesson will get typed by tomorrow.

The next lesson will get typed by tomorrow by her or him.

# And also, the following construction is used in Causative (Causal) Mood.
Syntax: Subject + get + another Subject + Infinitive [+ by + complement].

A few models.

I get my typist to type some lessons.

I got my typist to type the next lesson.

I will get my typist to type the next lesson later in the evening.

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