Adventure with a Bull - 480

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Adventure with a Bull.

Once upon a time Tonoi was going over the hills with a brother—now no more—when a great bull came bellowing out of a wood, and both took to their heels. The old chief sprang to a tree. His brother, flying in an opposite direction, was pursued by the bull, and just as he was reaching up to a bough he was caught and trampled upon. The unhappy man was then gored, tossed in the air, and finally run away with on the bull’s horns.

More dead than alive, Tonoi waited till all was over, and then made his way home in great sorrow.

The neighbours, armed with two or three muskets, at once started to recover, if possible, his poor brother’s remains. At nightfall they returned without discovering any trace of him. But the next morning Tonoi himself caught a glimpse of a bull marching across the brow of the mountain, with a long dark object borne aloft on its horns. © 2016 - 2020. Powered by Blogger.
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