Conversations in Indirect Speech - 271

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Conversations in Indirect Speech.

(Indirect Speech = Reported Speech = Indirect Discourse.)

Let us first study the ways of reporting speech—and why should it not be done in class, as actual conversation ? The teacher will ask one student a question. That student will answer. Then the teacher will ask another to report what the first student said. Like this:

Teacher. A. How old are you?

A. I am fifteen years old, sir.

Teacher. B. What does A. say?

B. He says he is fifteen years old, sir.

Teacher. C. What are you reading there?

C. Nothing, sir. I'm looking at pictures.

Teacher. What does he (C.) say, D?

D. He says he is not reading anything, sir, but he is looking at pictures.

Teacher. Where are you going after school, G?

G. I'm going straight home, sir.

Teacher. What does he say, H?

H. He says he's going straight home, sir.

Any number of little conversations like this can be practised (practiced) in class, or out of class, where one of three students can act as teacher.

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