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Negative to Affirmative.

Change the following sentences from Negative to Affirmative.


Neg. I did not know that.
Aff. I knew that.

Neg. He won’t tell me.
Aff. He will tell me (or He’ll tell me).

1. We did not come by train.

2. I am not going to school today.

3. He did not hear what I said.

4. Don’t speak quickly.

5. This colour / color does not suit me.

6. He does not do what I tell him to do.

7. He did not teach algebra.

8. You ought not to run.

9. He did not know it was true.

10. He did not know it was not true,

11. You’re not looking very well.

12. You must not say anything about it (change any to some).

13. He won’t answer me.

14. I shall not pay.

15. You were not trying your best.

16. He didn’t throw the ball at the right moment.

17. She did not draw this design.

18. I did not bring my bat.

19. I have not forgotten any of my French (change any to some.)

20. Do not (don’t) run. © 2016 - 2020. Powered by Blogger.
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