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Examples of Dialogues.

Here are some examples of English dialogs.

On Early Rising.

Father.—Good morning, George.

George.—Good morning, Father.

F.—You’ve been up a long time, haven’t you?

G.—Since half past five.

F.—What made you get up so early?

G.—Well, you see, Dad, I had some home work to do, and last night I was too tired after the cricket match.

F.—So you got it done this morning?

G.—Oh, yes, very easily. One feels so fresh early in the morning.

F.—I'm glad to hear you say that. I knew one old gentleman who used to get up at three.

G.—At three! whatever for?

F.—He was a professor in Oxford, where it is rather difficult to work steadily.

G.—Why, Dad?

F.—Because there are so many parties, and public lectures, and so much visiting each other.

G.—But if he got up at three, he must have gone to bed earlier than we do.

F.—He did. He went to bed at eight.

G.—What a strange time for a man to go to bed !

F.—The fire was laid ready in his study, and when he came downstairs he had only to put a match to it, and in a few minutes he had a nice fire.

G.—And how long did he work?

F.—Till eight o’clock, so that he got in five hours’ good work every day before other people started. He rested on Sunday, so in that way he worked for thirty hours a week before breakfast. That was how he was able to write many books.

G.—I like the plan very much, and I think I must try it.

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