The Imperative Form - 279

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The Imperative Form.

When an order is given, when something is earnestly begged for, when a warning is uttered, — all these are generally done in the Imperative Mood.

1. Come here at once!

2. Bring me another cup of coffee!

3. Don’t laugh at him!

4. Go to bed without another word!

5. Do send me your photograph soon!

6. Don’t tell anyone!

7. Help as many people as you can.

8. Forgive him this time!

9. Drive carefully round the corner.

10. Shut all windows to-night (tonight).

11. Be sure to post this letter in time.

12. Don’t forget to wind up your watch.

13. Sec that you don’t miss the train.

14. Wipe your shoes when you come into the house.

15. Do be quiet!

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