Letter - II - 366.

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Letter – II

999 Park Lane,
September 9th, 1999.

My dear Ananda,

    I want to tell you that our teacher advises us all to begin collecting something or other. But I can’t make up my mind what to collect. Can you suggest something? Some of my classmates are collecting stamps, some of them caterpillars, some shells. I did not know there were so many kinds of shells in the sea and in the streams till I saw Anil's collection. And one of my friends collects medals. He writes to students in other countries, and exchanges with them. A boy in Japan recently sent him some very pretty ones. Among them was a copper one, with a silver angel holding a silver tennis racket, as if serving. It made me smile. Do you collect anything? Of course you know that I have very little money to buy things with. Please send me your answer soon.

Your friend, 

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