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Analysis of the Simple Sentence.

Rules to be followed in analysing a simple sentence.

1. A simple sentence has only one predicate and one subject.

2. Find out the finite verb and put it down in the predicate column.

3. Find the nominative to the finite verb and set it down as the subject in the subject column.

4. See if the subject has any enlargements or adjuncts. If so, set them down as adjuncts to the subject in the column for adjuncts.

5. If the finite verb is transitive find out its object and set it down in the object column.

6. If the verb has two objects, set down both the direct and the indirect object in the object column and mention which is direct and which indirect.

7. Find out all the words that qualify the object and set them down as adjuncts to the object in a separate column.

8. Find all those words which modify the Predicate and show the time, place, manner, cause, degree or extent of the action, and put them down as extensions or enlargements of the predicate in the extension column.

9. The verbs To be, to become, to seem, to feel, to grow are verbs of incomplete predication and require a complement to be called complete finite verbs. The incomplete verb and the complement together form the predicate.

N.B.— Participles and infinitives are not regarded as finite verbs in analysis. Again vocatives and interjections are to be omitted in analyzing a sentence. © 2016 - 2020. Powered by Blogger.
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