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Note on the Conjugation. 

[The Conjugation = Lesson No. 108 (onwards.)]

The Second Person Singular forms which begin with Thou, and Third Person Singular of the Present Indefinite ending in -eth, are old forms which are no longer used. Instead of the forms beginning with Thou, we use the Second Person Plural for the Second Person Singular. And instead of the form ending in -eth, we now use the forms ending in -s or -es.

Thus instead of Thou teachest, He teacheth (He cometh) etc., we say You teach, He teaches (He comes) etc.

In the Subjunctive Mood the colloquial forms are the same as those of the Indicative. Thus:

Older forms
Modern forms

If thou loveIf you love

If he loveIf he loves

If I be lovingIf I am loving

If thou be lovingIf you are loving

If he be lovingIf he is loving

If thou lovedstIf you loved

If thou wert lovingIf you were loving

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