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Nominative Case.

The Nominative is the Subject-case. Generally the nominative precedes the verb.

E.g. : Agriculturalists must have capital.
Guwani covered her beautiful face.

But there some cases where nominative is placed after the verb.

(a)  In interrogative sentences.
1.                  Who is Guwani?
2.                  Which was my umbrella?
3.                  How dare you?

(b)    After an imperative.}
1.                  Get along, you lazy fellow!
2.                  Come here, Guwani.

(c.) After ‘Here’ and ‘There’.
1.                  Here comes the postman.
2.                  There go crafts.

(d) After Neither, Nor, Never.}
1.                  I am not fond of detective stories. Neither am I.
2.                  We have never been to Anuradhapura. Nor have we.
3.                  Never came the good ship home.

But more frequently, the subject is placed between the auxiliary verb and the main verb.

(a) In interrogative sentences.

Where have we met before?
Why are you crying?
What is He doing there?

(b)  After Neither, Nor, Never.

Neither have I met him nor do I mean to.
Neither can I speak Russian nor can I read it.
Never could I have expected such good fortune.

# Nouns are in apposition to the subject are also in the Nominative case.

Mussolini, the dictator of Italy, has put fresh life into his countrymen.

# A noun in the nominative case often stands as the complement of an incomplete verb.

He has become a private secretary.
She was made headmistress.

# The noun in the nominative case is often used with a participle, in what is called an absolute sense, that is, it is separated from the main sentence.

Weather permitting, our sports will be held on Tuesday this week.
Breakfast finished, we shall go out.

Note : We can say : Being tired, we rested under a tree.
But we cannot say : Being rainy, we stayed at home.
[That would mean, we stayed at home because we were rainy!]

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