Greek Prefixes - 237

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Greek Prefixes. 

A, an: (= not, without). Adamant, anarchy.

Amphi: (= both, around). Amphibious, amphitheatre.

Ana: (= up, back). Analysis, anatomy.

Ant, Anti: (= against). Antagonist, antidote.

Apo: (= off, from). Apology, apostle, apostrophe.

Arch: (= chief). Archbishop, architect.

Auto: (= self). Autobiography, automobile.

Dia: (= through). Diagonal, diagram, diameter.

Dys: (= badly). Dysentery, dyspepsia.

Ec, ex: (= out). Eccentric, ecstasy, exodus.

En, em: (= in). Energy, enthusiasm; emphasis.

Epi, eph: (= upon, in addition to). Epidemic, epigram, episode, epistle.

Eu, Ev: (= well). Eulogy; evangelist.

Homo: (= same, like). Homogeneous.

Hyper: (= over, too). Hyper-sensitive.

Hypo: (= under). Hypocrite, hypothesis.

(Kata) cata, cat : (= down). Catalogue, catastrophe, cathedral, catholic.

Meta, met: (= with, after). Metaphor, meteor, method.

Mono: (= alone, one). Monogram, monograph, monopoly, monotonous.

Pan, panto: (= all). Pan-American; panacca, panorama, pantomime.

Para: (= beside, beyond, against). Paradox, paragraph, paraphrase; parallel.

Peri: (= round, about). Perimeter, period

Phil, philo: (= loving). Philanthropist, philosopher.

Poly: ( = many). Polyglot, polygon, Polynesia.

Syn, syl, sym, sy: (= with). Syntax; syllable; sympathy; system.

Tele: (= far). Telegraph, telephone, television. © 2016 - 2020. Powered by Blogger.
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