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A Test on "The Same Word as Different Parts of Speech."

Name the parts of speech of the words in bold in the following sentences:—

1. All the time I was thinking of you both.
2. So you are not going to Bombay after all?
3. They are neither yours nor mine.
4. Even if you do meet him you will not like him.
5. I’ve been waiting here since three o’clock.
6. He won’t do anything for nothing.
7. The older you are the less easy it will be to learn a new language.
8. What else have you bought?
9. They went by while I was out.
10. It is only fair that none but you should know about it.
11. I am living there all alone.
12. Dear me ! where can he be?
13. It is a troublesome thing to fast.
14. I have only one of those stamps.
15. Weill What have you to say for yourself?
16. All right. I will do as you wish.
17. He acts like a lunatic sometimes.
18. Have you enough string?
19. There are many rats in the hold.
20. We were compelled to arm.

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