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Affirmative to Interrogative.

Change the following sentences from Affirmative to Interrogative.


Aff. You know that I am busy.
Int. Do you know that I am busy?

Aff. He went to the hospital yesterday.
Int. Did he go to the hospital yesterday?

1. I write untidily.

2. You were asleep.

3. He will punish me for disobedience.

4. I will meet you this afternoon.

5. They were talking about you.

6. She was snoring.

7. You have to stop in today.

8. You have done some work.

9. This book is mine.

10. He gave me a rupee.

11. I’ll help you an hour or two a day.

12. I can be sure that you are honest.

13. She sings very sweetly.

14. They are good friends.

15. He stammers.

16. A horse fell and broke its leg.

17. He took medicine daily for a week.

18. She knew she would miss the train.

19. Cats love milk.

20. The snow was falling fast. © 2016 - 2020. Powered by Blogger.
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