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The Verb Do.

Do is used in two main ways.

1. As a Principal Verb, meaning “to carry out or perform”.

He does his work carefully.

Always do a little more than is expected of you.

Would you like to do something for me? I don’t mind if I do.

1.1. Do as a Principal Verb also means “to be suitable”.

This pencil will do very well, thanks.

Tea at five. Will that do for you?

Note. A very common salutation is How do you do? This means How are you ? or How are you getting on? (both of which are also common greetings.)

In How do you do? the first do is auxiliary, the second do the principal verb, meaning something like thrive.

2. Do is also commonly used to give another verb emphasis.

Do you like music? Yes, I do.

Did you tell him everything? I did.

I do love you, mother.

Poor little dog, he does want to go with us.

Do make less noise there!

2.1. Do as an Auxiliary Verb.

As a simple auxiliary do is generally used with verbs in the interrogative.

Do you use a hard pencil?

When did you see him last?

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