A Crocodile Story - 445

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A Crocodile Story.

The crocodiles in African rivers are a great trouble to the poor villagers. Many of the men have scars on their legs, where they were seized when in the water. Then they would feel under the water for the eye of the beast, and plunge a knife into it, so that the crocodile would let them go. In the season of heavy rain you may meet large crocodiles walking on the paths. When the crocodile is hungry he will leap from the river on to a man drawing water. If he seizes the man he will push him into a hole in the bank under the water, and leave him there. They tell a story of one man who was so caught and pushed into a hole. The man was still alive, and he found that at the end of the hole there was no water. He could hear people walking about above his head. So he dug and dug with his fingers in the soft earth, and at last made a hole out, and got up on to the path, safe again.

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