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Care of the Little Ones.

I have known Lady Helmsley several years. She is a lover of the poor, and extremely active and practical in her way of helping them. I asked her the other day how she came to start her Nursery business. She said that in her visits to the London slums some years ago she found a poor sickly woman in charge of twenty or thirty babies in one poor miserable room. They were the children of young mothers who worked in factories and left them in her charge for I he day for a very small fee.

This poor woman turned to Lady, Helmsley and said:

‘Why can’t one of you rich ladies who come among us do something like this for the little ones and their mothers who have to leave them every day to go to work?’

Lady Helmsley took the hint and had a big room built at her own expense, appointed a nurse, and very soon had forty or fifty children to look after every day except Sunday. It proved so successful that others were started all over London. And it was also taken up in all the big industrial towns of England. © 2016 - 2020. Powered by Blogger.
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